Nothing Like Blood

His old friend Helena Gort calls on Carolus Deene to come to Cat’s Cradle, a seaside guest house and find out about two deaths judged respectively &quote;natural causes&quote; and &quote;suicide.&quote; There is no doubt in Helena’s mind that something sinister has happened and something very unpleasant is brewing. She is right.

Death in the Middle Watch

Carolus Deene is enjoying himself on a holiday cruise. On the first night aboard the Summer Queen, he hears a shout of &quote;Man Overboard!&quote; From that point on to the moment of Deene’s unexpected revelations, the reader will find that unique mixture of artless fun and grim terror Leo Bruce devotees savor.

Red Adam’s Lady

The fair Lady Julitta has a problem. She is not wealthy. She prizes her virginity. And her liege, whom she despises, is intent on rape. Red Adam is the lord of Brentborough castleyoung, impetuous, scandalous, a twelfth-century hell raiser. On one of his nights of drunken revelry he abducts Julitta. Though she fends him off, keeping her virginity, he has sullied her honor. Then, to the astonishment of all, he marries her. Red Adam’s Lady is a boisterous, bawdy tale of wild adventure, set against the constant dangers of medieval England. It is a story of civil war and border raids, scheming aristorcrats and brawling villagers, daring escapes across the moors and thundering descents down steep cliffs to the ocean. Its vivid details give the reader a fascinating and realistic view of life in a medieval castle and village. And the love story in it is an unusual one, since Julitta won’t let Adam get closer than the length of her stiletto. Long out of print though highly acclaimed, Red Adam’s Lady is a true classic of historical fiction along the lines of Anya Seton’s Katherine and Sharon Kay Penman’s Here Be Dragons .

Case with No Conclusion

Once again Lionel Townsend, Beef’s Dr. Watson, faithfully records the redoubtable Sergeant’s escapades. Beef has left the Braxham police and gone into business for himself. Beef gets a client: Stewart Ferrars, who has been arrested for the Sydenham Murder. Beef is hired by Stewart’s brother Peter to prove Stewart is innocent of the murder of Dr. Benson, who has been found stabbed in the throat in the library of Peter’s gloomy Victorian mansion, The Cypresses. An ornamental dagger with Peter’s fingerprints on it has been left on a table near the dead man’s armchair.

Simple. Natural. Healing.

How a daughter’s dire diagnosis led to a mom’s new focus on nutritional healingand how you can benefit from what she’s learned. Donna LaBar had long been interested in nutritional healing, informally advising family and friends. But it was when her twelve-year-old daughter was diagnosed with advanced acute myeloid leukemiawith two weeks to livethat all her research found a greater purpose and all she’d learned about recovering the body was put to the test. Her daughter’s recovery changed her lifeand the lives of everyone LaBar has helped since then. She has coached others with terminal diagnoses and troubling illnesses for decades, and the stories of their recoveries are captured in the pages of Simple. Natural. Healing: A Common Sense Approach to Total Health Transformation. Readers will learn: How to support conventional medicine and the body for quicker recoveriesHow to reverse inflammatory illnessesFacts on the body’s pH balance and the magic of an alkaline food-based dietAn explanation of enzymes, digestion, and healing the gutHow to lose weight, gain control, and maintain a higher metabolism for lifeKeys to reducing stress and getting sleepInformation on wheat, and the buzz about gluten and gliadinCures with coconut, the healthy triglycerides with ultimate healing properties Also including charts, recipes, and loads of natural and nutritional healing alternatives, this book helps you navigate the scienceand discover how to leverage the body’s ability to heal and repair itself.

Behind the Clutter

The lifestyle coach and professional organizer shares her unique approach to decluttering your home, head, and heart in this spiritual self-help memoir.Have you ever wanted to know the secret to creating a life you love? How do you sift through the complexities of life to discern what’s standing in your way? In Behind the Clutter, June Saruwatari opens her home and her heart to reveal her transformative decluttering methods-an approach to life that has kept her in demand as a lifestyle, business, and relationship coach.Part spiritual memoir, part self-help book, Behind the Clutter is an account of June’s own internal and external &quote;stuff&quote; through her unique fourfold lens of TruthLoveMeaningPurposeTM:TRUTH: What is the truth of my current situation?LOVE: Do I absolutely love this?MEANING: What is the meaning of this for me?PURPOSE: What purpose does this serve in my life?As you go behind the clutter with June as your guide, you’ll discover that you are your own expert at designing your life, learn to apply your own TruthLoveMeaningPurposeTM to all the &quote;stuff&quote; in your life, and uncover the masterpiece of yourself that’s been there all along.

Good With Me

Learn to separate your self-esteem from outside influenceslike social mediawith advice from a nationally recognized addictions expert. Are you unhappy and don’t know why or how to fix it? Do you compare yourself to others and end up feeling bad about yourself? Do you worry about what others think about you? Is being successful and having it all not enough? Have you given up on yourself? If your answer is yes to any of the above, you may have other-dependent esteem. According to licensed counselor and self-esteem expert Patricia Noll, other-dependent esteem means that our happiness and self-worth depend upon something outside of ourselves, such as: What we have, do, and knowWhat others think about usLooking goodBeing rightAchievements and accomplishmentsBeing the bestAnd more. The problem is thatnothingoutside of ourselves can truly make us happyat least not for long. Other-dependent esteem creates a cycle of stress, addictive behavior, dependency, and ultimately deep unhappiness. InGood With Me,Noll presents the same revolutionary approach that has helped her clients at Focus One, an outpatient substance abuse program, shift from other-dependent esteem to true, self-dependent esteemand experience freedom from crippling effects of other-dependency. This simple, practical, step-by-step solution will also help you finally achieve lasting happiness from the inside out, regardless of circumstances. ‘;If you have ever reached a goal and yet not felt satisfied, reading this book will show you why that is and how you can change that. Permanently.’ Laura Atchison, bestselling author of What Would a Wise Woman Do?


A Lyme disease survivor explains tick-borne maladies in ‘;a straightforward, nonfrightening way… A useful guide to avoiding a dangerous bug’ (Kirkus Reviews). This children’s book teaches strategies for preventing Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Through the story of Alex and Jose, children will learn about Jose’s discovery of a hidden danger (a tick) and how their activities may put them at risk of getting a tick bite. ‘;I can envision a parent using this book to start a conversation with their children on why it’s important to watch out for ticks and ways to do that. There are helpful pages on how to check yourself for ticks and if you find one, how to remove it. A list of educational resources is included in the back of the book.’

Christine’s Kilimanjaro

A memoir of a spiritual awakening that began with a thank-you letter to God… For the first time, I resolved to be my own tour guide up my mountain of life. Finally believing in myself, I was forging a new path instead of plodding along the tired and worn out one I had become accustomed to, discovering something new and no longer impossible along the way. Christine Malone found herself at a crossroads in her life when she stumbled across an episode ofThe Oprah Winfrey Showone busy, stressed-out day. There she sat transfixed before the television, not expecting that her reality in an ordinary world would ever change. She never saw it comingthatthiswas the day her dreams would begin to change her life forever. A beautifully written story about one woman’s quest to be the change she wishes to see in this world, Christine’s Kilimanjaro is about the spiritual awakening that took place as the author wrote out snapshots of her life, standing up to a few demons she really never faced until she began to write her memoir. Covering experiences both funny and heartbreaking, from her work as a nurse helping cancer patients to a visit to a psychic with her friends, it is a moving and poignant path to self-discovery in which she learns how to put the pains of the past behind her, embrace her present, and envision the future of her dreams.

Mitt Romney: Is $247 Million Enough to Buy the Presidency?

Thanks to Citizens United, campaign finance is drastically different in the the current electoral climate. 2012 will mark the first election since 1972 in which presidential candidates do not accept matching government funds. Both parties’ candidates will be able to raise and spend as much money as they possibly can. Candidate Mitt Romney’s staggering wealth and the record campaign expenditures predicted for this election makes him an influential player in this new era.