Post service Bóksölu stúdenta

Domestic posting with Íslandspóstur post service.

Domestic mail is delivered twice a day, in the morning at 09.00 and in the afternoon at 15.00. Orders sent within the Reykjavík capital area are usually received at the customers’ local post office in the morning of the next day. Orders delivered outside the capital usually arrive one or two days after ordering. For products paid by credit card the shipping fee is ISK 1,180 (sent to your local Post Office) ISK 1,780 (Home Delivery) and ISK 1.680 for Mailing order (Payable on receipt of the product).

Post Office Parcel

A Post Office Parcel can be picked up at the respective Post Office on presentation of a notification (either printed or SMS text message) and with photo identification. The recipient may also give written permission for another person to collect the parcel from the Post Office on her or his behalf.

Home Delivery Parcel

Home Delivery parcels are delivered to individuals from Monday to Friday, 17:00-22:00, and to businesses from Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00 where a delivery service is available. If the item was posted before 16:30, the parcel will be delivered 1-3 days after posting. One attempt is made to deliver the parcel, and if that attempt fails, you will be left a notification. Then the parcel can be collected from the respective Post Office on the next working day on presentation of the notification.

Domestic SMS notification

The recipient will be sent an SMS notification before the drive-out is attempted and the recipient can take appropriate measures.

Posting abroad with Íslandspóstur post service

We ship to most countries in the world. When purchasing on our webstore the shipping cost is 3,300 kr. per item.


We send all packages abroad by the most economical shipping service and via air twice a week.

Delivery of international parcels is dependent on how the item is sent – airmail or surface mail and by country of destination. Look up the estimated delivery time, size limits and added service for each country. Look here